Here’s a (not exhaustive!) list of my location shooting kit. Its key features include fitting in a typical British / European compact car, not to mention in a cupboard in my modest Central London house.

I consider this an efficient and compact kit for a commercial portrait photographer working on location. In addition I'm happy to arrange the hire of additional gear depending on the demands of the shoot, e.g. if we'll be working outdoors or if it requires digital medium format camera systems.

Not all of this makes it out to every shoot, but there’s nothing on here that doesn’t get used.  Click here to read how I think about gear.

  • 2x DSLR cameras 
  • 1x mirrorless camera
  • 1x f2.8 80-200mm zoom lens
  • 1x f2.8 28-70mm zoom lens
  • 1x f2.8 14-24mm zoom lens
  • 1x f1.8 85mm prime lens
  • 1x f1.4 50mm prime lens
  • 1x f2 35mm prime lens
  • 1x f2.8 24mm prime lens


  • 3x neutral density filters - 1-stop / 3-stop / 10-stop + associated adapters
  • 2x circular polariser filters
  • 1x white balance filter


  • 2x 500 w/s mains heads
  • 1x 400 w/s compact head + battery back
  • 3x hotshoe flashes / speedlights + gels + battery pack


  • 3x 21cm reflectors
  • 1x 150cm octa + fabric grid
  • 1x 60x90cm rectangular softbox + fabric grid
  • 1x 30x140cm strip softbbox + fabric grid
  • 1x 90cm parabolic softbox
  • 1x 55cm beauty dish + honeycomb grid
  • 2x 110cm black / white umbrellas
  • 1x 70cm square softbox for speedlights + fabric grid
  • 1x 80cm octa for speedlights + fabric grid
  • 1x adapter for compact flash head


  • 1x wireless trigger for lights
  • 1x wireless trigger for hotshoe speedlights
  • 1x light meter
  • 1x wireless remote for camera
  • 1x cable release for camera
  • 1x wable release for camera with timers
  • Backup PC sync cable(s)


  • 1x 110cm collapsible reflector
  • 1x 75cm collapsible reflector
  • 1x white / black popup background
  • 1x white seamless background roll
  • 1x 2mx3m grey painted fabric backdrop


  • 1x C-stand
  • 2x 2.3m light stands
  • 1x 2.8x3m background support (stands also double up as 2x light stands)
  • 2x nano light stands
  • 3x honeycomb grids - 10º, 20º, 30º
  • 1x snoot + honeycomb grid
  • 1x lightweight boom stand for reflector
  • 1x tripod


  • 13” Laptop
  • Portable external hard drive
  • 5m tethering cable
  • Card reader


  • DSLR batteries
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • Memory cards


  • Clamps
  • Various adapters / cables
  • 5m multi-socket cassette reel
  • Gaffer tape
  • Sandbags
  • Lint roller
  • Screwdrivers / tools
  • Wooden clips
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby pins / ponytail bands
  • Mirror