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Photograph by Sameer Kotian


I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London, working on commercial, corporate and editorial assignments. My clients include leading brands, creative and communications agencies, corporates, magazines and entrepreneurs.

You'll find me as much as at ease on set or in a boardroom as the streets of Mumbai. I shoot diverse subject matter in a consistent style.

I'm most interested in people and their stories: I'm fascinated by the things they do and what their experience of life makes them feel. I'm always trying to find beauty and meaning amidst the clutter around us and ultimately trying to make narrative sense of our world.


I live in North London with my wife and daughter and travel frequently across the world. I was born in Mumbai, India and have called the UK home since 2005.

London fostered my craft with its easy embrace of everything aesthetic, and still inspires me everyday: I spend a lot of time photographing fellow Londoners engaging with our city.

I also maintain close ties to my native land: I've realised that the incredible scale, diversity, colours, spirituality and absurdity of India exert a great influence on my work. I'm drawn to rich, primary colours and complex, dynamic spectacles; yet my images are simple, straight and human.

I'm a BCom graduate from the University of Mumbai and I also completed an MBA from XLRI - Xavier School of Management. My time in business and finance - including international M&A - made me especially good at strategy, marketing, servicing global clients and painstaking attention to detail.

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While shooting I’m as comfortable giving or receiving direction as I am disappearing in plain sight for reportage work; and I love using natural light as much as I enjoy carefully lighting a scene. I spend a lot of time and energy thinking and preparing, though I’m used to working very quickly so as to not miss even the most fleeting emotion. 

I also work hard to maintain an efficient workflow - right from planning a project to preparing images for use in print or online. I’m a problem-solver by nature - I work hard to resolve issues and do what I say I will.

For more complex shoots such as for advertising, I have access to leading agents for expert budgeting and production support. I shoot tethered whenever possible and I'm happy to arrange for digital medium format systems when required.

Involve me at the idea stage: you'll find me to be a communicative, resourceful and reliable creative partner, who will deliver you images that are vibrant, crisp and contemporary; yet informal and approachable, with a consistent palette.

To read more about my thought process, please have a peek at my blog.

Or just get in touch to discuss working together.


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Shariq Siddiqui's photography clients


“These are really striking images." — Group Editor, content marketing agency

"Hope you got some rest today! Just told P what a good job you did and asset to the trip you were and that you helped make it really enjoyable and easy." — Corporate Comms Manager, blue-chip British plc

“Thank you so much for the photos, we are really pleased with them and will definitely be in contact with you again for future photo shoots."  — Group Marketing Manager, property investment group

"Thanks for doing such a great job on Friday, really appreciated. We loved your work and thank you for being so flexible." — Project Manager, Social Responsibility, blue-chip British plc

"Wow what a selection! Thanks so much, they look great, as per always. It's going to be hard to select a few! Please let me know your next available dates." — Fashion & lifestyle expert, private client

“Thanks for the photos and the additional details about the subjects. Your paperwork is well received as well, and it was a pleasure to work with you." — Editor, lifestyle magazine

“These look really great, good job man! Perfect for what we need, some interesting angles and really consistent colours." — Managing Director, digital marketing agency 


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